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Q. & A.

Q.   Is there room for public art in a consensus based community?

A.   Possibly.

But only with much persistence from one or more enthusiasts!

And only for artists outside the community, dead, or with very thick skins!

It is very unlikely that there will be unanimous enthusiasm for any one artwork. And while the consensus process does not require unanimity, there does need to be agreement first that any artwork is desirable, then on the specific piece of art.

So an artist in the community must be willing to persevere in the face of a clear lack of enthusiasm, or  even clear dislike of the work.  This may be especially difficult when these people are the neighbors & community members you spend time with, and have committed to socialize & work with regularly.

Public art is always difficult, and selection by committee often comes to a majority vote.  Achieving consensus for public art will generally take even longer, and may never happen at all :-)!



Now in my outdoor work space:  the Clothesline project!  Need to get this all done before I put away the cement for the winter! I have one more item of clothing curing, but I would like to dip some child size socks and gloves as well.



RW Conversation IV

RoseWind Conversation IV is taking shape now, but I still don’t know where I will be installing it :-) Or what it means :-)


Jagged Acrylic

Variants of acrylic that will be used in the next Conversation work if I figure out exactly how to incorporate it, and a bark “angel wing”.



Working on the arrangement & environment for “RW Conversation IV”. Not sure yet whether there will be 3 or 4 figures in this Conversation, whether the base will be rectangular or round, and whether there will be acrylic “walls” for a “glass house” effect/reference!

I have completed a more finished base for “Conversation II”, which I installed in the RW Common House patio. Note the related figures painted on the cob oven door in the background.

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Useful Art

Second “Cement Chair” Restored                  &            Candidate for “Best Use for Incomplete Project” Award




Finishing Touches


Showing off