Figures at Last

Remember these two little clay men?  Finally they are reproduced in  (slightly) more durable materials. I have them both in RapidSet Mortar mix, and also one in epoxy resin, the other in a polyurethane resin.  All are still rather fragile, but much less squishy!


Cold cast :-)

This is an first try with metallic pigment over epoxy resin, sometimes referred to as “cold cast metal”:

The cast is poured silicone on a carved cement “egg” (Prometheus).  The both of these are epoxy resin. For the first one I dusted the mold with PearlEx antique bronze pigment, then poured nvirotex pourable coating resin ( since I did not have the preferred epoxy for casts). It still seems to work OK, the second one is the same clear resin with no PearlEx  but with purple opaque pigment added.



I have molds newly filled, some with epoxy resin, others with concrete. Now I wait for these to set sufficiently to unmold, then more waiting for full cure. I am so impatient! Taking photos to entertain myself in the meantime…


Better photos

I love that my neighbor lent me his fabulous SIGMA DP2 Merrill camera to take better photos of my art!

I have been scanning mixed media relief work (when small enough) & using my point & shoot camera when I cannot scan in 1 or 2 passes.  But relief work scanned tends to look very flat & lackluster, & my camera does not do the artwork justice or have the desired resolution.

But this camera is different/amazing! Even with my poor attempts at decent lighting, the photos make relief work come alive!


At Last the First

Finally got all my ducks in a row:  attached figures, sealed, released, and first coat of silicone!

BUT now stalled:  I should have done these one at a time!  I ran out of silicone, ordered more (rush ship) & was sent the WRONG SmoothOn product (all these ship in very similar packages).  Now waiting for a replacement order! :-(


Photos of

Standing Tall for the New Year   &    Facing Down the Old Year


Mouse Box

This is quick experiment with a hollow SculptaMold project, made by working over crumpled newspaper (later removed). I added rigid plastic under the delicate tail, then used this to close the opening underneath with a hinged flap.  So this mouse became a rather makeshift box, and a Christmas present for Fionna.