Sketchbook Project 2016

My latest entry to The Sketchbook Project (& Brooklyn Art Library) went in the mail today.  I chose the theme “Distance & Time”, and my entry title is “Light in the Dark”. I had set this project aside with double width pages that required the original sketchbook be dismantled & rebound. So this had to be done rather at the last minute.  Looks OK, but … could be much more gorgeous with a bit more planning & work. Oh well… it is a sketchbook!!! (I always say that…)


Sketchbook Project Entry #5 in the mail today

My fifth entry to the Brooklyn Art Library annual Sketchbook Tour went in the mail today, meeting the extended deadline of March 31st. This sketchbook will be on tour across the USA soon! Here is a sample of images (click a thumbnail to view the full images). The complete slideshow will be available soon.


Water soluble media sketches

Wolf form I

At left I printed a scan of my water soluble graphite “drawing” (The Ghost Children) on watercolor paper, then added water color (pencil & paint). At right, I worked directly with color and Water soluble graphite together in one step.


Marketing drawings … I hope!

Vegetable Bounty pillow I joined a website (Society6) which sells various products with prints of your uploaded images … and I purchased two items to see how the products look.

The cushion and the mug both look good, but I realized my own error … I had failed to sign my work legibly or add my website! So I decided to rework all the various combinations & sizes of digital images, and replace them all on the website. Hours of tedious work, but done now. Now these still feature the artwork, but include attribution, so as to be good for use in marketing :-)

Here is a vegetable combination on a square cushion, available in three sizes and with a choice of indoor or outdoor cover material. I bought the outdoor cover: it is pleasant to the touch, seems sturdy, and looks great!

The mug is a basic white ceramic mug.The image is neatly wrapped and fills the outside of the mug. It looks fine. I may send some of these as Christmas presents to friends & family!

I don’t think too many people will find / buy these, but with my name & website on them, they might catch someone’s eye if I buy them myself, and even place a few around coffee shops that have mug racks … might be worth a try.

Pages 20-21 Sketchbook 2015 altered

New drawing in my 2015 Sketchbook


Photos of sketch pages

Knot hole


I rarely try to reproduce nature as I see it, however my art is always informed by nature. I draw from the many patterns that the natural world engraves upon me.Drawing statememt 2014

My drawings are the patterns in my surroundings that are traced into my memory by time.
Treetop reflections