Hiding from the world & myself, wasting time:   hours & hours uploading images of my art to a couple of on demand product sites.

I have some stuff on Society6 (never sold anything there except to myself), and have been trying to get set up on Zazzle, only to find out that although they do set up and print products, the big draw for me is the personal storefront you can create, advertise, link to, etc.

BUT there is a big delay with Zazzle, ongoing, so that newly defined products take a long time show up in “stores” even when you manage to do everything correctly. This has been a problem that gets reports & comments on & off for years, and it seems that most products do not get into stores for a week or even much longer due to Zazzle indexing software issues.

This I find out after spending hours, by reading through a user forum!  No warnings on the site for sellers to expect delays!

But now few of my art on Zazzle products are available in my new “store”:


My Society6 “storefront” is functional, but has anomalies (a broken graphic, and no way to fix!) and lacks organization;  it is not customizable.



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