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Gameboard Drafts


Foiled Again


Accordion Books

A couple of years ago I made two “zigzag” books, made from a kit, showing photos of my “Twig Tangles” series of paintings. Sizing the images, then printing, cutting & pasting neatly is pretty tedious, so that was enough at the time.

But now I want to document my recent 3-D figures, and a few of my photos have their own merit. And the photos let me document arrangements that interest me, but may never become finished pieces.

So now I have two more accordion / zigzag books to enjoy!


In Flotsam & Jetsam

The Work Described:

Item 1, primary, a 3-D piece:

Two modest older three dimensional gentlemen, both a bit chubby, stand together in conversation on a narrow platform.  They appear amused:  one is clearly pleased & smiling, perhaps having just shared a joke or told a humorous story.  The other listens, a bit bemused, but enjoying the moment.
The figures are realistic, but rustic & rough, with faded metallic surfaces.
They stand in front of a two dimensional galaxy of shooting stars, or perhaps it is a greenboard extensively marked up with complex curves & intersecting lines. The platform could be a station for some unspecified transportation system, or it could be a strip of beach.  It is dotted with odd dark elongate half dome “boulders” that on close inspection appear to be weather worn:  multi-colored, with shallow fissures, and lumps. The surface of the platform has a hard to see design: it takes a very close look to find the two figures stand on a row of dark strange faces…

Item 2, secondary, digital photography:

This photo of a mixed media sculpture, taken in late afternoon light that is almost orange in tone, casting long deep shadows. The light from the left illuminates and shines through scratched & broken sections of acrylic onto three concrete figures standing in a conversational group among an unusual assortment of objects. Is this odd scene a sculpture park?  Who are these people & why are they here?
The lighting is dramatic. While the left side of the photo is so bright as to be nearly white, the far right is the dark side:  sharp black shadows of the figures are thrown up against a dark background lit up to a deep orange and patterned with a spider’s web of shadow created by the “wall” of cracked scratched acrylic.

Item 3, tertiary, mixed media based on a lino cut print:

Two rather mysterious softly outlined figures, a man and a woman, stand together amid a whirl of leaves and rippled lines:  the air currents are as visible as the figures or the leaves which fly loose from the tree at left.  The figures are transparent, gentle, & ghostlike;  they stand barefoot on or in an area of soft brightness that is more cloud than ground. The colors are soft, the tones are dark greenish black, soft yellow to a peachy or coppery color.  The print shows the texture of the thick paper.

The Work Selection:

My selection of work for Flotsam & Jetsam was not based on extended consideration:  there was not very much time to choose once we decided to change our work for a March show.

And I was so pleased with my new metallic look resin figures that I wanted to show them off.

I liked the idea of sharing my newest figures with others.  And I liked the challenge of getting my new piece properly mounted & complete for the show (although the timing for completing the presentation along with my commitment to cook a RW Monday dinner was terrible!!!).

The other two pieces were selected to be compatible with my newest Conversation (number VI).


Surprise Sale

It seems that I really did sell a print at SaatchiArt online:  I was notified the sale was pending 4 weeks ago & had pretty much decided this was a mistake, but no, I will get a whopping $30 from the $85 sale :-)

Really I am quite chuffed, as there are thousands of artists listing work there, so it is pretty low odds that anyone will even see my work, let alone buy!  I do hope the buyer is pleased with the print!



March at Elevated

My own three pieces in this show are: Galactic Conversation, The Grandparents, & Conversation in the Shadows.


On Top of the World

Prototyping for the new figures:  maybe these will stand alone, rather than be part of the Conversation series,  TBD :-)